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New Year 2023 MeditationDr. Laleh Mehrad
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The year 2022 is coming to an end with all it entails. The Woman, Life, Freedom movement called for us to unite and hold each other’s hands to stand for freedom and human rights for our homeland. These days have caused tension among Iranians worldwide, whether for those living in Iran or those who decided to leave their homeland by choice or force.  These experiences could be traumatizing or re-traumatizing for many. 


JOY Self Awareness Center declares its solidarity with the Woman, Life, Freedom movement and offers this attached meditation file to help manage stress and anxiety during this difficult time.  JOY invites you to prioritize your mental health and self-love in the upcoming year. This institution provides its support by offering consultations, seminars, and workshops. 


You can find mental health-related materials on JOY Self Awareness Center's social media pages. 


For Iran’s liberation, with love, we wish 2023 to be a year full of awareness, peace, love, and joy. 



The Team at JOY & Dr. Laleh Mehrad 

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